Mai Thaiku

About one week ago my Dad, Brother, Grand parents and I went to a Thai restaurant called Mai Thaiku on Phinney Ridge. I loved evrything about it. The space was an open flow (but small) house that (for every one who lives in Seattle) is located right across from the famous Red Mill. The food was great and it is now my favorite Thai restaurant.
To start we had chicken shish kabobs (satay) in a sweet and tangy sauce and they were so good. I probably could have had just that for dinner. Then we had something I have never seen before. It was some type of leaf and then there where different ingredients like ginger, coconut, lime , peppers, onion, peanuts, and a sweet sauce. You would then add the toppings on to the leaf and roll it together and eat it! They were pretty good especially with the sauce and coconut.
After that we ordered our main dishes. I got Khao Soi, it is a coconut curry with chicken and fresh and crispy fried egg noodles and it was amazing! Spicy but amazing. I am sorry to say I forgot to take a pic of it! oops!
My little brother who isn’t as adventurous as I am (he is only seven) got fried rice with chicken and that was good too.  He liked it and and was full pretty quickly so my family helped him with it. It was good good and they give you a lot.
For Desert I got coconut icecream and it tasted exactly like coconut. It was just the right amout of sweet for me and it served well as a pallet clenser after such a big meal. My dad got black sesame ice cream and it was vary good and such an unusual flavor. I love it when restaurants have new and different flavors it is just so much fun to try them!
The service was good and I got to personally talk to the owners and I just want to say thank you and good luck with your new restaurant!

I will have an new post about me TRYING to make lemon cupcakes with raspberry filling.




Larson’s Bakery

Larson’s is a small but popular Danish and Scandinavian bakery on 24th.
Tonight my dad went there and brought home a kringle. The Larsen’s Kringle is made in the original Danish way, where the pastry is made out of layers of flaky, buttery crust, enclosing a filling of almond paste and raisins, then topped with sugar and sliced almonds and finally twisted into the traditional pretzel shape.
It is like a flatter, almond, croissant. Sadly I didn’t go but they also make other pastries like croissants, cookies, and cakes. I will do a fuller review of Larson’s soon.
Have a good night,
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A La Mode Pies

On Wednesday my brother and I had to get our flu shoots. For me this is the worst time of the year. The shot is like a hard pinch that seems like it never stops. This year I sent my mom a link about mist that you breathe in. I was able to get that while my brother got stuck with the “old fashioned” method.
My brother was of course annoyed so my parent sweetened the deal. Literally! (Hahaha bad joke) We went to A La Mode Pies on Phinney Avenue. It is a cozy pie shop that sells a variety of different flavors including the classic apple to a modern take on chocolate that includes chile powder. I got key lime pie, which was good. It was tart but a little too sweet. The graham cracker crust was perfect with the smallest hint of ginger.

My dad got a slice of toasted coconut cream and my mom got a piece called Blue Hawaiian. It had blueberries, pineapple and toasted coconut with a brown sugar crumble. It tasted like Hawaii! It was sweet but it was my favorite. My brother ended up opting for vanilla ice cream, a local product called BlueBird. I didn’t taste it but he slurped it all up. I give this retro little dessert cafe three stars!
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Revel is a urban space in Fremont that makes Korean street food. One of the best parts of the resterunt is the space and decor. It makes you feel like this is where you want to have every meal.
The dishes change every month due to what is in season. But they always have my favorite dish… seared ahi tuna with kimchi and grilled bok choi on rice. The rice is perfectly steamed and not to sticky. On it was bok choi that had just a little salt and the spicy kimchi. (Kimchi is cabbage smothered in a spicy sauce then pickled.) It was a good spicy. It wasn’t so spicy it changed the flavor. It was just enough to make my mouth tingle.
Then there was the tuna. This is the best sered tuna I have ever had. It was a thick piece of tuna that is seared about half a centimeter in but still perfectly raw. It still isn’t too dark like the tuna at Nell’s (one of my previous posts). I forgot to say they bring you four sauces to put on every thing. one is a ginger soy. I should have written them down because I don’t know their other ones – that is the only one I use!
My dad and I shared a potato pancake. It was good. It tasted like a latke but had the texture of a heavier pancake. It was topped with a white blob of creme fraiche and an arugula salad with a lemon vinaigrette. Those things make the pancake have a tang. It was all good.
This is one of (if not my favorite) restaurants in Seattle. You can bring kids but for some things they might have to be adventures eaters. It also isn’t the cheapest place either. If I could I would eat lunch there every day. Five stars!
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It was an eight course meal at a little restaurant for New Year’s Eve.

To start I got a shaved fennel and apple salad. It had a great texture. There was a crunch when you bit into the apple and fennel. There wasn’t too much salt. It also had a few pomegranate seeds to play off the bitter taste of fennel. Five stars on the first plate.

The lobster was fine. I am not a big fan because it has such a sweet taste to it. It is also chewy but a good chewy. It is different from your everyday shellfish so it feels more compelling to eat. Over all if I had it a few more times I think I would like it more.

Then we got foie gras with poached apples. It was amazing. The favors of the apple blended so well with the grilled, buttery flavor of the foie gras. Foie gras is goose liver. When cooked properly it melts like butter in your mouth but tastes like the sauce you get when you cook a steak. The problem is, to make foie gras, you have to force feed the animal. There is a lot of controversy about if this is humane. Some geese farms let them range free, meaning after they force feed them, then let them go live their lives until they are killed. In the old days they’d pin the geese down and force feed them and not let them walk around. One is somewhat better than the other but it’s still controversial. In California foie gras isn’t allowed because of cruelty to animals. Now that I know all of this I can’t say if I will want to eat it again.

The next dish I was excited for. Cumin crusted ahi tuna with hearts of palm, mustard greens and ginger mint raita. However, this was a mistake. There is nothing more than I like then a good piece of seared tuna. But I can honestly say that it was the worst tuna I have ever had. Maybe it was the flavors of the mint and ginger side dish but it wasn’t good. The tuna it self was ok with the cumin, but with the mint raita, it was just too much. I almost spit out the mustard greens into my napkin! Which I have never wanted to do more. I give this a thumbs down for sure.

It is strange, but the next dish was the best of the night. Munster cheese with organic field greens and a poached pear. It was all very good and it all complemented each other very nicely. The dressing was quite simple, an olive oil, salt, and pepper vinaigrette on the greens. I got the end of the pear so it was the sweetest, and that counteracted the vinaigrette. The cheese was one of my favorites also. This shows that sometimes simple can be better.

The last thing we got was dessert. I got macerated blood oranges with a lemon and olive oil cake and vanilla bean yogurt sorbet. It tasted good seperettlly but to tether it muted each flavor. The cake was moist and the oranges were just the right amount of sweet. But the yogurt sorbet was one of the best I have tasted! It basically tasted just like a frozen scoop of Tillamook vanilla yogurt. Tillamook is based in Oregon for those who don’t know. They sell lots of milk products.
Overall I would give Nell’s a three and a half stars for there New Years dinner. Next time it will be just a regular dinner menu and I am interested to see what it is like.

The pictures loaded backwards so first you will see the desert then the sales then the tuna and so on.
Thanks, Fiona







Pictures of the Collections Café

I just have to say sorry it has been so long since my last post. this week in the end of the semester and it has been crazy. I have three more post that should be out by Friday. Enjoy!

IMG_04011. IMG_0398 2.IMG_0403 3.IMG_0402 4.IMG_03995. IMG_0418 6.IMG_0413 7.IMG_04228. IMG_04169. IMG_0415 10.

Top to bottem. Left to right: 1. Is a doll collection. 2. Is the celling 3. The table. 4. Is more art. 5. Bottle opener collection. 6. Glass sculpture. 7. Is the salad. 8. In Seattle. 9. Is the flat bread. 10. Is the pulled pork and fries.

Blog soon, Fi

Collections Cafe

Today for lunch my family went to the Seattle center for the day. My brother had a birthday party around one o’clock so we wanted to get a quick and easy bite. My dad made reservations at Collections Café witch is located next to the Dale Chihuilly glass exhibit. I would recommend making reservations a day before or, come in the first half hour of opening.
“Collections” definitely describes the decor. Its tables have glass windows and they are filled with collections of different things like radios and ornaments. Hanging from the celling are accordions. Overall all the decor was fun and urban.
For lunch I got a pressed pork sandwich on Macrina ciabatta with fries. On it, it has apple butter and a spicy cider vinegar slaw. It was ok. The meat was juicy and the bread was good but together it was dry. I think the reason they put the apple butter on it was to moist it. The only thing it did was make the bread taste like apple. The cole slaw was nice but it wasn’t as spicy as I would have wanted it to be. The fries weren’t good. They were very dry. The potatoes were over-cooked. Or should I say fried.
My mom (who got the same thing) on the other hand liked the sandwich but also not the fries. My dad got flat bread with mushrooms, caramelized shallots, and motserella. It was good. The sweet shallots went nicely with the mozzarella. Then he got a frisée salad with a tomato, poached egg, and a lemon vinaigrette. There was also some bits of bacon. It all went together nicely and was the best dish of the day. I give this place three to four stars and I suggest you check it out even if it is just for the collections. Will post the photos in another posts.
Blog soon, Fi